White Wash Sand Dunes

These are just general write ups.  For how the trail is being ran on the day you sign up be sure & check the forums in the trail section on the day you sign up for.

These sand dunes are open for all types of travel, and there is not a set trail through them. The trail described here explores the sand dunes and then loops around to where you can connect with Tenmile Wash and Crystal Geyser. Many people play on the sand dunes and then return out the way they came in.

There are many ways to get to the White Wash Sand Dunes. The easiest way is to use Ruby Ranch Road, a graded and smooth dirt road marked with signs pointing the way to the dunes.

There is a lot of parking at the trailhead, and a kiosk to mark your way to the dunes. Simply follow all of the tracks in a southeast direction from the trailhead and you will find the dunes.

Trail Rating: Green

Trail Description Courtesy of RR4W

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