Tip Toe Behind the Rocks

These are just general write ups.  For how the trail is being ran on the day you sign up be sure & check the forums in the trail section on the day you sign up for.

This trail tours the “Behind the Rocks” country. It avoids the very difficult and the very easy routes but passes near the hills at High Dive Canyon and White Knuckle Hill for the amazement of those who keep their driving at the 5-rated level. The Tip-Toe routes intersect the difficult version of Behind the Rocks, and even share a few miles of easy trail portions, but the portions that are exclusive to this trail are especially scenic. The difficulty rating was raised a few years ago because of continuing erosion of some rocky descents where we usually have to re-arrange rocks every trip.

Approximate mileages: 53 miles overall, 33 off pavement

Scenery: The rock layers slope downward behind the cliffs, and the virtually impenetrable Navajo Sandstone domes and fins of the Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study Area are in view most of the time. Balcony Arch, Picture Frame Arch, and Pritchett Arch may be seen at a distance (but close-up on Mondays hike). There is a spectacular (usually dry) pour-off of Hunters Canyon with a small natural bridge above a pool and hanging gardens that are fed by perennial dripping springs.

Obstacles: Most of the road is sandy dirt with occasional rock outcrops. There are a few minor drainage crossings that have exposed rock ledges requiring a bit of technique to climb with stock equipment. The downhill route into Hunters Canyon may require some rock positioning to carry stock vehicles. Even so, the sound of metal-on-rock will be common.

Trail Rating: Red

Trail Description Courtesy of RR4W

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