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Frequently Asked QuestionsPlus some not so frequent questions.

What is goneMOAB?

  • goneMOAB is the annual Gathering ONissan Enthusiasts @ MOAB. Shortened to goneMOAB. This is an event put on by an all volunteer staff of dedicated folks from Promotion, Books, T-Shirts, Tail Gunners, Trail Leaders and sooooo much more. Every single person has dedicated their personal time to make this event what it is today.

Where is goneMOAB?

  • The annual event is centered around the Town of Moab in Eastern Utah.  Each day we meet in town and head out to trails from the town.

Can I bring my 2wd truck on the trail?

  • No. All trails are 4×4 required.  There are 2WD trails in the Moab area but we do not run/guide them for our event.

Do I need all kinds of armor under the truck to run goneMOAB?

  • No, you do not need tons of armor. Greens and some Blues can be run stock. Reds we stress to have sliders, but again it is up to the driver. We do recommend sliders for all vehicles if nothing else it can give a driver piece of mind. Please look at the trail descriptions and talk to people on the forums for more information.

What Trails are you running?

  • For this years schedule have a look here. There are multiple skill levels each day to pick from, but you will only run one trail each day. 

What are the requirements for my truck?

  • 4Wheel Drive
  • GMRS and/or HAM Radio.
  • Current Insurance Coverage on the Truck
  • Full Size Spare Tire
  • All Lights functioning
  • Good Tires (not bald)
  • Intact top or Roll bar for chopped/open trucks
  • Front and rear recovery points mounted to frame
  • Working Seat Belts
  • Vehicle in GOOD operating order, don’t show up with problems

How old do I have to be to attend?

  • All DRIVERS must be 18!!!!  Passengers and children can be under 18 but must sign all waivers when signing in by person or guardian.

Do I have to attend the whole week?

  • Nope, lots of folks come out for two or three days.

What IS included in your goneMOAB registration?

  • Organized Trail Rides – Accommodating all skill levels Mild to WILD.
  • Sand Flats Recreation Area Access for trail Runs in that area
  • Friday Night Raffle from goneMOAB and its Sponsors
  • Swag Bag Full of Sponsor Goodies

What’s NOT included in your registration?

  • Lodging
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Dinners Except sponsor provided (will be made public at a later date)
  • T Shirts & Extra Stickers

Why do I have to pay to attend?

  • The BLM and Utah State land trust charge us a couple bucks per person per day when we have more than 20 people on the trail, and running multiple trails per day we far exceed that. They charge goneMOAB per person (not vehicle). Since we are over the 20 person limit we also have to work with the BLM to get a event permit. Then on top of that BLM has group/event insurance requirements in order to obtain a permit and run the goneMOAB event. So in order to pay for the Permit, Per Person Trail Fees & Insurance we have the minimal fee which almost covers those fees and then the rest (if there is a shortage) is made up at the yearly raffle all thanks to our sponsors.  Remaining Raffle proceeds are donated to organizations that help protect the trails in the Moab area.

Do I need to make my own reservations where I am going to stay?

  • Yes.

Do I need a CB?

  • NO! GMRS and/or HAM Radio is required

Can I use a MURS radio?

  • If you want to use MURS in addition to GMRS or HAM, that is fine. But a minimum of GMRS will be required.

Don’t I need a license for GMRS?

Is goneMOAB for serious rock crawlers only?

  • Nope… we have great trails from moderate to wild. Green Runs can be run by any 4×4 truck but these are NOT dirt road runs. Even the easiest runs have rocks and ledges to go over.

What about my big rock crawler?

  • Starting in 2008 we began adding a new class of trail to the venue, this is for folks who go out expecting to break something or possibly get body damage. It has been received so well in the last few years it will now be a permanent fixture on the schedule. These are the black trails on the trail schedule.