Cameo Cliffs

These are just general write ups.  For how the trail is being ran on the day you sign up be sure & check the forums in the trail section on the day you sign up for.

The trip begins by turning of US191 onto Steen Road about 28 miles from Moab. It will take a carefully selected combination of trails to work around Cameo Mesa and across Hook and Ladder Wash. It will climb up to Dragon Rock, then pass by the Twin Meanie rocks and Yak Rock on the way up to the highest levels of the Cameo South area.

Four Fins Overlook is encountered just before the top is reached.

The bumpy and twisty trail to Rattlesnake Hill will warm up the power steering a little. The the grand finale begins with a trail that leads to Wilson Point. A short, sandy section signals the final approach to Wilson Point. From the point Wilson Arch is plainly visible below, the tourists stopped there look like ants. Looking Glass Rock is also easily seen from here.

After backtracking from Wilson Point the leader has a couple of choices to make to end up on Utah 46 where the paved portion of the return to Moab begins.

Approximate mileages: 75 miles overall, 20 off pavement

Scenery: Bordered on the north by Utah 46, the south by Hook & Ladder Wash, and on the west by US191, there is plenty of scenery on this trip. Some notable places are the Four Fins Overlook, Wilson Arch Overlook, and frequent views of the La Sal and Blue (Abajo) Mountains.

Obstacles: There are two track dirt sections, some sand, some bumpy rocky sections, and a few small ledges.

Trail Rating: Green

Trail Description Courtesy of RR4W

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