Trail Descriptions

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Offroading 101 Tip Toe Through Hell Top of the World Kane CreekBehind the Rocks
Dome Plateau Elephant Hill Steel Bender Trifecta
(Poison Spider Mesa + Golden Spike + Gold Bar Rim)
Pritchett Canyon
Secret Spire Porcupine Rim Metal Masher Green Day + Lockjaw
Seven Mile Rim Flat Iron Mesa The Pickle 3D
Hurrah Pass Chicken Corners Strike Ravine Tip Toe Behind the Rocks Rusty Nail
Cameo Cliffs Fins N Things Backwards Bill
Crystal Geyser + White Wash Sand Dunes Poison Spider Mesa
3D + Tusher Tunnel Hell’s Revenge
Shaffer Trail + Lathrop Canyon
Trail ratings may be adjusted periodically due to changing trail conditions.

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Copper Ridge / Fallen Peace Officer Trail (May vary at Trail Leaders discretion)

Elephant Hill

Fins and Things

Flat Iron Mesa

Golden Spike + Gold Bar Rim

Hell’s Revenge

Metal Masher

Poison Spider Mesa

Secret Spire

Seven Mile Rim

Strike Ravine

Steel Bender

Top of the World