Crystal Geyser

These are just general write ups.  For how the trail is being ran on the day you sign up be sure & check the forums in the trail section on the day you sign up for.

The Crystal Geyser trail will begin in Moab. The trail locale is south of Green River town and east of the river. The country is colorful and beautiful in a desolate way. The route passes near Dubinky Well and the “rainbow rocks” country on the way to Salt Wash, Little Grand Wash, and seldom-used mining trails through the stark slopes of the Morrison formation. Most of the trail is quite easy, but a few gullies and rocks could trap vehicles with poor clearance.

Scenery: Road Surface: The sandy roads near rainbow rocks yield to dry-weather-only clay and shale residues later in the trail. There are some rocky wash bottoms and numerous cross-cutting gullies.

Highlights: Short, steep climbs near rainbow rocks and Duma Point will test some stock vehicles. The old mining roads nearer Green River have accumulated some sizable rocks that will cause everyone to watch wheel placement and fear for low-hanging parts. Crystal Geyser is one of the region’s several man-made bore holes that tap cold water and CO2 to yield occasional, but spectacular, geyser action (about twice a day).

Trail Rating: Green

Trail Description Courtesy of RR4W

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